Clear your home or business space

“The inner space reflects the outer space and the outer space reflects the inner space.”
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My name is Lauren Wilensky and I can clear your space. No mess, no fuss.

Please contact me via email or on +27 (0)82 452 2465 to discuss your needs & my fees.

What is space clearing?

It is the (re)alignment of the natural energies.

Our space is a reflection of ourselves and our experiences. Over time the energy in our space can become blocked and stagnant. When you clear the blockages and allow the correct, natural energies to flow through your space, you can create a transformation within yourself and your life.

It affects everything from your personal state of being, to your relationships, to your career. When you restore balance and harmony to your space, you restore balance and harmony in your life. By removing the invisible, energetic blockages around yourself, you are able to unleash the awesome person you truly are.

Lauren Wilensky

Why do you need to clear your space?

Sick house make sick people! Everything that happens in your space is energetically recorded. Have you ever walked into a room where two people have been having a disagreement and you can feel the tension in the air? The air is thick or dense. This energy collects in the nooks and crannies, and ultimately creates blockages. Imagine your clothes didn’t quite come clean every time you washed them. Very soon you would begin to feel dirty. Your physical environment is exactly the same. If you don’t clear your space it starts to feel like wearing dirty clothes.

How often should you clear your space?

At least once every two years. More often if you have experienced traumatic events in your life/space.

How do you know if your space needs clearing?

You will most likely have collected lots of clutter and feel completely unable to move forward. There is little to no forward movement in any sphere of your life and abundance is something you dream about but never seem to be able to manifest. In short, you are stuck in a rut. Sound familiar?

How does space clearing work?

I have a natural, intuitive ability to ‘feel’ the energy in spaces. Most people are unaware of the energy around them but with a little practice, anyone can become more aware. I was born with an acute awareness of the energy within spaces. I was also blessed with the ability to manipulate and affect the vibrational energies around me. I don’t completely understand my gift but I do accept that I am here to use my gift to help people like you.

When I am done, you will feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and you can breathe for the first time in ages. This is because you are more aware of the energy around you than you realize. I cannot change your life but I can change the energy in your space. This will allow your the breathing room to transform your own life!

Contact Lauren Wilensky via email or on 082 452 2465, to begin your shift. I live in Johannesburg and am available to clear any space in Joburg.

If you live outside Joburg, you will have to find 2 or 3 other people in your area to make it worth my while to travel to you.